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Conditioner Bar Giveaway | Global Soap

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Have you tried these yet? Global Soap’s conditioner bars are head and shoulders above their liquid counterpart. Reviews are uniformly positive and EVERYBODY in the world should be using these – another practical, yet luxurious way to reduce your plastic foot print!

Conditioner bars are solid versions of bottled hair conditioners. They are not diluted in water which makes them so much more economical to use – one solid conditioner bar is equivalent to 2 or more bottles of liquid conditioner. As they dry quickly, it’s also a great travel option with no worry about mess or spills. Lastly these are made from naturally derived ingredients** and are packed full of goodness. Global Soap conditioner bars not only condition, they also nourish, protect, boost, shine, and restore vibrancy to your hair.

Start teaching your kids how to wash themselves with solid bars – there is no chance of spills or using too much liquid. So easy for little ones to use.

** The Coconut Conditioner Bar is scented with a Coconut Fragrant Scent.

Conditioner Bar Giveaway

Afraid to make the plunge? Well jump right into the shower and try before you buy. Get your free full size bar with every online order over $50.00.

Just type in “Conditioner” followed by the scent you want (Coconut, Bergamot or Orange) to the notes field when placing an order. Available until August 31.

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