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Sweet Not Sugar – a new way to a healthy lifestyle

During the lockdown, there were many tales of locals adapting and rising to the challenge. Paula & Sam are a great example. They are both passionate and personally embrace the Keto diet. You can tell by the smile on their face that they ‘walk the walk’ and aren’t scared to share their experiences with those who ask.

They have been regulars at the Saturday morning Nelson Market where they sell their delicious food offerings that are unique in the way they don’t use traditional sugar. During the lockdown, a surprise opportunity arose, and after careful consideration, they decided to rent a shop space at 5 Montgomery Square.

“It’s been really encouraging to hear inspirational stories from our customers who have embraced Keto diet and try the sugar-free model. Some have lost tens of kilos in weight, improved concentration levels and enjoy new found energy. We love sharing our knowledge of sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, low carb, keto baking.” says Sam.

Not only do they sell delicious treats, they are also food wholesaler and do catering by appointment.

“We use a sugar alternative called Monk-fruit to add sweet flavours to our food offerings. It keeps your blood sugar levels balanced and is an ideal choice for Diabetics. Erythritol is a non-digestible product we embrace. It sounds like a very ‘chemical’ name, but it’s actually very natural and we get great feedback from our customers about how they use it in their cooking at home.”

We suggest you pay them a visit and try one of their Bliss balls. It’s sweet but doesn’t leave you feeling flat 20 minutes afterwards. There are loads of information in the shop, and these guys are great ambassadors for our region.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram and drool over the pics!  (new website is coming soon)

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