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A large range of Organic Essential and Carrier Oils, and offers guidance for their use in Aromatherapy: Aromaflex

Aromaflex dispenses a large range of Organic Essential and Carrier Oils, and offers guidance for their use in Aromatherapy.
Aromaflex is committed to providing the highest quality essential oils, dispensed by the drop and by the ml. This means you can buy as much or as little as you like. We also offer a discount service to students and practitioners. Based on years of supporting both local and international growers and producers, every decision we make helps us provide you with the best oils we can find – we stock over 90 oils, most of them organic – at the best price for quality. At the heart of Aromaflex is a passion and a knowledge of the growing industry. We give back through opportunities for education, mentoring, networking and most importantly the continuation of an age old practice we trust. We offer on-site Massage Treatments, as well as a large range of ready-to-use Synergies, Blends, Sprays, Carrier Oils and Hydrosols. We can also blend a custom prescription based on your individual needs. Come in and see us, (call 03 545 6217) or message us here on FB for more information. Contact our WELLINGTON Dispensary: 207 Cuba St, Wellington Phone – 04 381 4619 Email – Follow us on Twitter- We look forward to seeing you!

Essential Oils of the Alphabet: Cajeput

Latin name – Melaleuca cajeputi
Cajeput is steam distilled from the fresh leaves and twigs, creating a pale yellow-green mobile liquid with a scent of a slightly milder fruity body note compared to eucalyptus! Cajeput is great for the respiratory system, aiding asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, sore throats and coughs. You may see throat lozenges or gargles at your local pharmacy made with Cajeput! Cajeput can also help muscular aches and pains, arthritis, UTI’s, insect bites and oily skin!
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