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Monday Mood Hack: Global Soap

Monday Mood Hack – Your welcome and have a great day ?
Image may contain: text that says 'Happiness Chemicals and how to hack them DOPAMINE THE REWARD CHEMICAL OXYTOCIN THE LOVE HORMONE Completing a task Doing self-care activities Eating food Celebrating little wins Playing with a dog Playing with baby .Holding hand •Hugging your family Give compliment SEROTONIN THE MOOD STABILIZER ENDORPHIN THE PAIN KILLER Moditating Running Sun oxposuro Walk nature Swimming Cycling Laughter exercise Essential oils •Watch comedy •Dark chocolate Exercising'
?We are back on!! ?
See you tomorrow beautiful people 8am till 1pm. Come say hi, pick up your favorite Global Soap goodies, select something for a gift, even pre-load for Christmas!
Our local markets are filled with wonderful artisan crafts, amazing food and community spirit, see you there!!

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