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Understanding factors affecting Nelson Consumers’ shopping methods: Merlin Dcosta Fernandes

The researcher invites you to take part in a study on factors affecting the preference of shopping methods in retail business. Participation in this research is voluntary. If you do want to take part now, but change your mind later, you can pull out of the study by informing the researcher by 21 October 2020 and all the associated data will be immediately destroyed.
This Participant information sheet will enable the decision of your participation in the research. It sets out the purpose of the study, the participants involvement, the benefits and risks to the participant, and the results of the study. The researcher will go through the answers provided by the participants any questions that the participants may have. The decision of participation may be taken post discussion with other people, such as family, whānau, friends, or healthcare providers. Participants are encouraged to do this.
If agreeing to participate in the study participants needs to sign the Consent Form on the last page of this document. A copy of both the Participant Information Sheet and the Consent Form to keep will be provided to the participants. This document is 6 pages long, including the Consent Form.

Please make sure you have read and understood all the pages. What is the purpose of the study? The main purpose of this study is to understand the preferred purchase channels of Nelson consumers and investigate the factors that construct the consumer decision for choosing a shopping channel. The findings of the research would enable retail businesses to understand consumers preferences in shopping methods and accordingly include the preferred shopping channels in their business.

For any question and queries please contact:

Researcher: Merlin Dcosta Fernandes

Email :

What will my participation in the study involve? Participation involves completing a survey questionnaire.

The objective of the survey is to collect information to understand the factors of channel purchase intentions of participants.

This survey comprises of 27 multiple-choice questions and 3 short answer question. Your replies will be anonymous, so do not put your name anywhere on the form. There are no known risks involved in this study. Participation is completely voluntary and there will be no penalty or loss of benefits if you choose to not participate in this research study or to withdraw. If you choose not to participate you may either return the blank survey or you may discard it. You may choose to not answer any question by simply leaving it blank. Returning a completed or partially completed survey indicates your consent for use of the answers you supply.

Personal data:

• The information provided to the researchers will only be accessible to the researcher(s) and their supervisor(s), will be stored securely and will be deleted post submission of research.

• The participants can withdraw from the study by 21st October 2020 . In case of withdrawal, the data of the participant will not be included in the study and will be destroyed.

• The researcher will endeavour to maintain the strictest confidentiality to protect the identity of the participants but, while every precaution will be taken, the researcher cannot guarantee that participant will not be identified. Identification could potentially cause harm to participants.

Consent form By continuing with the survey you consent to the following :

1) I have read, or have had read to me in my first language, and I understand the Participant Information Sheet.

2) I have been given sufficient time to consider whether or not to participate in this study.

3) I am satisfied with the answers I have been given regarding the study and I have a copy of this consent form and information sheet.

4) I understand that taking part in this study is voluntary (my choice) and that I may withdraw from the study at any time.

5)I consent to the research staff collecting and processing my information.

6)If I decide to withdraw from the study, I agree that the information collected about me up to the point when I withdraw may continue to be processed.

7)I understand that my participation in this study is confidential and that no material, which could identify me personally, will be used in any reports on this study.

8) I know who to contact if I have any questions about the study in general.

9)I have had the opportunity to use a legal representative, whanau/ family support or a friend to help me ask questions and understand the study.

10) I understand my responsibilities as a study participant.

11) I will inform the researcher on the contact details provided if I wish to receive a summary of the results from the study.


The link for the survey is:

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