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Drop them into our special ‘Letters to Santa’ box: Paper Plus Nelson

The world may be in various states of lock down, but the big fella can ALWAYS receive your letters ?
Drop them into our special ‘Letters to Santa’ box, and follow the steps below ?
?Address the letter to ‘Santa Claus , c/o Santa’s Workshop, North Pole, 0001
? Make sure you write your name and address clearly on the back of the envelope – so ? knows where to reply!
? Drop the letter into our dedicated Santa Mail box ?
? Then…. Await the magic ✨ ✨✨
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⭐️ Meeeeet Dallas ⭐️
Dallas is our friendly @newzealandpost Courier Driver who frequents our store multiple times a day, and while she isn’t technically a member of staff, she partakes in our workplace banter and attends the weekly staff drinks ? ?
You will hear Dallas laughing before you see her coming, her personality is larger than life, and with this combined with her high vis uniform – she certainly doesn’t blend into a crowd ?
Her job is non-stop, and at this time of the year Dallas is working hard to ensure all the Christmas gifts arrive on time ? Just call her Santa’s little helper ?
We are lucky to have a firecracker in our day like Dallas, who will read us our daily horoscope and feed us M&Ms at the end of the day while picking up the last lot of post items ?
Give her a hard time when you see her in the streets, she loves it ?
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