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Feeling a bit under the weather lately?: Bodywise Natural Health & Beauty Centre Nelson

Feeling a bit under the weather lately?
With the up and down weather we have had this spring the sniffly season has creeped back in ?
We’ll let you in with a few top tips to get you through …
Ensure your having lots of good nutrients, a good rule of thumb is to aim for 3 colours on your plate ???
Keep your stress levels low, use techniques like mindfulness or reading to give your self a bit of me time ?
And lastly keep your body topped up with immune boosting nutrients such as Vitamin C and our specially formulated Viral Ease ??

?Reminder ? Please bring in your empty tincture bottles to refill or simply drop them in and we will clean them up to be reused! We are a bit concerned about the supply of our bottles so it’s important now more than ever to reuse these little beauties ???

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