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How did this shop start? Aromaflex

So how did this shop start? The love of my children. The seed started because of my own pregnancy with my first child Samson, back in Scotland. I was amazed at how the oils worked to prevent stretchmarks, help with the birth of Samson and all the wee remedies I used for us. I had qualified with Shirley Price Aromatherapy back in the early 90s.
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A life changing event, was when Samson, only 18 months old, put his had in a fire. (do you remember the Gattefosse story? – I did and that is what gave me inspiration as we were in the middle of nowhere, too far away from a doctor or hospital at the time). After cooling his hand down with water, I applied Lavender Officinalis (as it was known back then) neat onto the burn. Then I wrapped his hand in a lavender bandage. After a week of repeating this his hand fully healed. When we came back to NZ, his hand was pink, but coloured back up over time…to this day, you would not think he burnt his hand.
When I looked around NZ to get more essential oils for the family I was surprised at the low level availability of essential oils and education around Aromatherapy. This coupled with the birth of my second child, Cailtin, we decided to move to Nelson from Whitianga for the lifestyle and to open a shop.
I was bursting with passion to share the love of oils and how they could help other mums and the public to use them wisely and carefully, plus to provide an income to support our wee family – it was not easy. Providing the best quality at the best price was also our motto…of course I was only ever going to use the best on my family and myself.

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