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Wet wipes are a plastic waste blind spot: Nelson City Council

You’ve probably heard that wet wipes shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet, they can clog up wastewater pipes, which causes sewage overflow, and this is an expensive problem to fix.
But did you also know that most wet wipes have plastic in them? Wet wipes are a plastic waste blind spot and can have a detrimental effect on our waterways.
It’s not too dissimilar to throwing a plastic bottle into Tasman Bay, so why not make sure you don’t also flush plastic down your toilet?
In Nelson, our wastewater is filtered and sent out to sea once it is clean, but that cannot stop plastic micro-particles from entering the water. So if you want to keep plastic out of our waterways, make sure you put wet wipes in the bin.
Or better still, try something reusable if you can.
You’ll save money and help keep our beautiful environment clean.

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