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Curl Talk at Vivo Hair Salon Nelson

Who better to develop a range for curly hair than one of NZ’s most imminent curly hair experts! Check out the range of ringlet loving, wave wrangling products from Curly Hair Specialist

Nigel Russell

at Vivo Mairangi Bay!

The entire

NJR Hair

product range is natural, curly girl friendly and free of sulfates, silicones and parabens!

In its collection:
?ACV Co-Wash Rinse – a water-based co-wash that’s ideal for those wanting to avoid shampoo. It’s a great way to cleanse the hair without disturbing your beautiful curls.
?Shea Hydrate Conditioner – a natural conditioner for moisture hungry hair. It can be used as a leave-in conditioner, curl protector or smoothing lotion
?Natural Curl Gel – a light to medium hold (non-sticky) natural gel. It can be combined with a conditioner for a lighter hold or a curl cream for a stronger hold.
?Beach Wave Spray – A light hold curl support spray to add body, can be used to refresh on the second day and also add volume to fine hair.
And more! Shop all NJR Hair products online here:
Read more tips for curly girls here:
Curly Girls NZ

Move over chocolate mousse…CHOCOLATE MAUVE is here!?

These dark chocolate layers, folded in with gentle touches of soft mauve, have resulted in a perfectly delicate balance. Aniza at

Vivo Hair Salon Lincoln Road

knows how to serve us up the goods!?

Leave a ? emoji in the comments below if you like this brunette look!

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