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Gems amongst the Essential Oils: Aromaflex

As a follow-up on our Antiques, we would love to introduce another gem amongst the Essential Oils:
Elemi as our #2 this week!
? Another Oil that has been used since ancient times, especially in skin care, for infected cuts and wounds, inflammations, rejuvenation and wrinkles, as well as for
? Respiratory complaints such as bronchitis and catarrhal conditions.
? It is highly recommended to use for subtle Aromatherapy, as the spicy, woodiness of Elemi relieves stress related conditions, activates the meditative state, propels you forward to look deeply into things in order to see their nature, adding a tranquil touch.
What great and precious Oil to have in our selection! Again, come in and talk to us if you would like any advice or got any questions! ?
Looking forward to seeing you soon. ?

Another ancient friend of ours, we want to introduce and celebrate together with Juniper and Elemi:
#3 Cedarwood.
Especially the Atlas Cedarwood was believed to used by the ancient Egyptians for embalming purposes cosmetics and perfumery. Later on it got popular for its therapeutic nature of the oil as a urinary and pulmonary antiseptic.
? Both the Atlas and Himalayan Cedarwood is reputed to encourage lymphatic drainage and stimulate the breakdown of accumulated fats. It may be used for the treatment of cellulite and oedema.
? As mentioned above it has got a great impact on the respiratory system due to its excellent mucolytic effect which makes it a great remedy for treating catarrhal conditions, coughs and chronic bronchitis.
? Just as its been used already in the 1700 we still appreciate its therapeutic actions on the urinary system today. It is highly recommended for the treatment of cystitis and urinary infections.
? In skincare it has shown to improve oily skin, acne, dandruff and seborrhoea of the scalp.
? Together with Juniper it would make a great purifier to use for cleansing the house.



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