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Observ Skin Diagnostics Event: Woman Beauty Day Spa

On 16th March we’ll be holding another Observ Skin Diagnostics event at Woman Beauty, Nelson, in conjunction with our visiting Ultraceuticals expert, Tracy Benporth. If you haven’t attended before we thought we’d use this post to explain how it works and the benefits you’ll see from booking an appointment.

Observ Skin Diagnostics Event with Ultraceuticals:
How the Observ machine works:
Some skin concerns begin in the deep layers of your skin and are difficult to see with the human eye. These issues are often related to sun damage, and they eventually begin to show themselves as you age. The Observ Skin Diagnostics machine can expose these conditions earlier. Meaning you get a head start on resolving any issues. The machine uses a patented skin fluorescence and polarized light illumination technology.

The machine takes images of your skin using different lighting levels, revealing blemishes or underlying skin issues in incredible detail. The whole process is fast, non-invasive and pain-free.

The images reveal a detailed analysis for each different light filter and our visiting Ultraceuticals expert, Tracy Benporth, goes through these with you.

What happens next?
This diagnostic consult allows our Tracy to prescribe the correct products for your skin. We include the cost of a prescribed peel in the price of your appointment. And one of our expert therapists carries out this relaxing treatment resulting in a significant improvement of skin texture, colour and consistency.

Your total appointment time for both diagnosis and treatment is sixty minutes. This consultation costs $95 (saving $150 on the regular price).

Finally, you’ll be able to book a follow-up appointment when our visiting expert returns, to see the improvements to your skin and make any adjustments to your future treatments and skincare.

But there’s more!
At this special Observ Skin Diagnostics event we offer a couple of bonuses with your booking.

You receive a complimentary entry into our prize draw for an Ultraceuticals package worth $250.
PLUS you can also take advantage of a 15% ‘on the day’ discount on all Ultraceuticals full-sized products.
If you’re ready to book your sixty-minute appointment on 16th March at our Nelson Day Spa, please do get in touch HERE. We do request payment at time of booking to reserve your space.

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