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Renaissance Organic Hair Salon

There’s a lot of green-washing when it comes to beauty, and terms like organic and chemical-free are often spun out ubiquitously these days. Renaissance Organic Hair Salon takes the idea of natural hair care seriously – whether you’re having your hair coloured or indulging in one of their luxurious treatments – all ingredients are certified as natural and organically based.

Sonja Hamilton, owner and stylist at Renaissance salon on Hardy Street, explains:

“We offer a free consultation, indulgence and the best possible experience for all our clients, whilst creating the perfect style and colour. Our customers leave the salon feeling refreshed and happy in the knowledge that their hair is also in the healthiest condition, achieving longer-lasting colour”.

A long time advocate of Organic Colour Systems, Sonja’s salon is a go-to for ethical values without compromising on performance. Sonja launched Renaissance Organic Hair Salon 14 years ago with a natural and vegan-friendly haircare range, which is also free of ammonia, parabens and resorcinol.

Sonja is a highly qualified hairstylist with over 25 years of experience in the business and spent several years working onboard luxury yachts, so she is well aware of high-end service.

“My passion is creating the perfect style for my clients’ face shape, and I get immense joy from using Organic Colour Systems. I absolutely love creating a gloriously subtle colour or, on the other hand, something outrageously fun and exciting!

With a green hairdresser, you can achieve the same results (if not better!) as a regular hair salon, but the difference is that at Renaissance, we use more climate-smart, more environmentally friendly and much less harmful substances in our products. It’s a win-win for you as a client and for us in our working environment.

We will test the condition of your hair upon arrival and can determine the moisture and protein levels. Using our luxury treatments, these levels can be restored to optimum, which then provides the basis for correct colour application. If the hair is healthy, it will look and feel great, with prolonged colour results”.

Renaissance Organic Hair Salon on Hardy Street is situated next door to the famous Lambrettas Cafe. As you make your way up the hand-crafted staircase, you will be pleasantly surprised by the fresh aroma which welcomes you upon entering. This is not a ‘normal’ hair salon!

The grand high ceilings and polished rimu floors, flooded with the natural lighting, instantly makes you feel at home and relaxed.

“We welcome new and existing clients, and they can soak up the atmosphere with a combination of subtle music, fresh coffee, herbal teas and filtered water. While your colour is processing, you can unwind in our comfortable armchairs, enjoying the latest magazine or simply people-watching from afar. Free Wi-Fi is also available for browsing”.

Sonja explains that she cares about sustainability and runs her salon in this way because it matters deeply to her.

“This also includes utilising thermal processing hats which allow the colour to develop, whilst avoiding the use of traditional noisy space helmets! All our foils are washed and recycled to prevent wastage. Regular cleaning is carried out using our microfibre Enjoy cloths. This is especially important these days with the onset of Covid 19.

If you’re passionate about wearing beautiful fashion that’s kind to animals and the planet, why should you compromise when it’s time to visit your local hair salon? We all come into contact with a large number of toxins and chemicals on a daily basis – from household cleaning products and the food we consume to water and air pollution. Our skin is our largest organ, and research has shown that we can absorb up to 60% of these substances through it. Avoiding harsh chemical hair colour is an easy and important step to take”.

Renaissance Organic Hair salon is a place you will come back to, again and again. Every time you leave, you will feel rejuvenated, refreshed and looking great!

Your journey to a healthier hair salon begins here.

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