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Waste Minimisation Grant Trial: Nelson City Council

If you have an idea for a waste minimisation initiative, Nelson City Council would like to hear from you.

Council is trialling different types of funding to help our community to avoid or reduce waste through community-led projects.

Round Two of our trial opens on Monday 22 February and closes on Friday 19 March with up to $14,000 available ($10,000 for this round plus $4,000 rolled over from Round One). The maximum grant size for this round is $2,000 (minimum grant size $500).

Round One of our trial used a match fund approach (applicants were invited to put a value on their contributions to match the grant requested from Council). The successful applicants were Mutu, the Chia Sisters and Cupcycling, with a total of $6,000 allocated.

For Round Two, whilst preference may be given to those organisations who take a match fund approach through demonstrating that they are also contributing to the project (eg, through volunteer hours, donations, etc), the funding criteria are as follows:

Projects should:

Focus on the avoidance or reduction of waste (rethink, reduce, reuse: waste hierarchy)
Lead to measurable waste reduction outcomes
Provide longer term benefits which will reach a wider number of people
Take place within Nelson or be for the benefit of Nelson residents
Be from a legal entity or under the umbrella of a legal entity
Use the funds within 12 months of receiving the grant.

Examples of ideas we might support include repair cafes, workshops and education programmes, materials and equipment, project implementation costs or feasibility studies. For more information on this, as well as the full criteria, who can apply, and all other information please read the applicant guidelines (219KB PDF) before completing the application form.

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