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Conveniently Conscious: Global Soap

One of the defining trends over the last 50 years or so has been convenience. Soberingly, the present reality in the world is that plastics, and other petroleum products, are all around us. Modern-day convenience is spelling disaster for the Earth. However with more environmentally responsible products making their way into the packaging industry, it’s finally becoming convenient to be conscious.

Baking paper or parchment paper is used in baking and cooking due to its non-stick and heat resistant properties. Admittedly, it’s very tempting to use when roasting or baking so as to avoid those burnt bits of food, and the layer of grease that just won’t budge. And it’s just paper, right? Not necessarily. It appears that some baking paper is coated with Quilon, which contains heavy metals like chromium. Others are typically coated in a nonstick silicone. According to the plastics industry, silicones are synthetic and include a mix of chemical additives derived from fossil fuels. On the supermarket shelves today there are brands offering compostable baking paper alternatives with ‘naturally derived silicon coated’ paper. I really want to believe these alternatives are compostable but for me personally, the jury is out. Perhaps the best solution right now is to REFUSE and REDUCE and get the ole elbow grease going again.

Wax paper or greaseproof paper is a food (and beauty) industry accessory due to its moisture and oil resistant quality. You will see it a lot in the fast food industry as a wrap around sandwiches or burgers, or as a liner under your Tacos or bowl of fries. Wax paper can be coated with a petroleum-based paraffin or an organic wax (such as soybean or beeswax). Petroleum-based wax paper is the one I would exclude from my compost. The organic wax coated paper appears to be suitable although possibly difficult for compost microorganisms to break down. The goods news is that we have discovered an even better solution ………

Global Soap’s New Compostable Paper

We have been on the hunt for an environmentally friendly grease proof paper to wrap our popular body butter bars, deodorants and conditioner bars. As these are oil or butter based products (they not saponified soap), we need to wrap them in grease proof paper to hold in any oils that might seep from these bars. And thanks to our local packaging supplier Nelson Packaging, we have found a compostable paper that is a totally natural paper, made from 100% cellulose fibre. It is made with highly refined pulp that ensures excellent water proofing and fat resistance which does not require the use of chemical or plastic additives to form a barrier against grease or moisture. This paper also folds and creases well which means we’ve been able to ditch the need to use sellotape to fasten the paper in place!

Free Shipping to April 15

Need to stock up on your bathroom essentials this month? Until April 15, we are offering free shipping on all orders over $30.00 within New Zealand. Try our conditioner bars, deodorant bars or body butters in our new compostable wrap or stock up on your favourite soap bars. Use Coupon Code “PAPER” when ordering. Coupon valid though to April 15.

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