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The Queen Of Jewels at Jens Hansen

April is Sparkle Month at Jens Hansen, when diamonds of all shapes, sizes and colours shine in the spotlight as the world’s official birthstone. Considered the queen of jewels, diamonds come in a myriad of colours, far beyond the luminous clear gems we usually see on left hands.

Thanks to natural processes that occurred more than three billion years ago during the Diamond Creation Period (yes, we made that name up), we can today choose from a spectrum of hues — everything from pretty-in-pink and dewy green to mysterious tawny brown and stormy grey-blue.

If you lean outside of traditional tastes, consider a coloured diamond. If you crave classic, we’ve got an exquisite collection of radiantly clear diamonds.

I hope you enjoy browsing through our jewellery over the holiday weekend.

Happy Easter,

P.S. Nelsonians and visitors, our workshop is open on Easter Saturday and Easter Monday. Come in and say hi!

Diamond Gallery
Diamonds are a touchstone of love and romance.
Which shape and setting speak to your heart’s desire? Click the images for more.


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