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Let Aromas Heal Heal your Body and Soul

There is no doubt that flowers and spices delight us with both appearance, aroma and taste. But the benefits of them do not end there. By distilling a plant, a liquid substance called essential oil is obtained. It is the very essence of the plant, and it becomes almost 50 times stronger than the original plant. The essential oils, or aroma oils as they are also called, work on several levels.


Partly because of the scent that stimulates the limbic system (the “emotional brain”) and partly because they have special health-promoting properties, such as the antibacterial tea tree oil. Trusted for thousands of years, the benefits of aromatherapy go far beyond just providing beautiful fragrances (but of course, we love that too).

Rosemary, Increases thought sharpness. Good for rheumatic problems and helps against oily hair and dandruff. Lavender, soothing, healing. Good for skin diseases and sleep problems.

 Rose, anti-inflammatory properties. Good for dry skin. Eucalyptus, stimulating. It has antiseptic properties and can be used for muscle pain. Carrot oil, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenates the skin and helps delay ageing. Just mention a few of essential oils benefits.

Shelley Monrad, founder and owner of Aromaflex, was qualified in Aromatherapy and Reflexology with ITEC and Shirley Price Aromatherapy in the UK back in 1991. She has almost 30 years of experience in these modalities.

She describes aromatherapy as the therapy of the senses.

“We sense it through scents. It helps to heal and heal the body, both physically and mentally. If you like natural complementary medicine, this is something you can try; it supports the body’s self-healing ability”.

A visit to Aromaflex begins with a consultation where you talk about symptoms and the form of the day. Then she mixes into oil of a pair of components. Clients come to her with everything from PMS to burnout.

“Aromatic medicine are incredibly potent tools to work with. And they have no side effects if used wisely, unlike traditional medicine can have and essential oils can affect emotions, physical body and mind”, she says.

Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine form of therapy where essential oils are used to strengthen our immune system and our vitality. The oils can reach the body in different ways, through scent, inhalation, massage and bath. These are oils that are extracted from plants such as flowers, citrus fruits, roots and bark and are called essential oils. The oils have a simple molecular structure which gives them the ability to be easily absorbed into the body.

Shelley offers a full range of treatments like foot and hand massage, facial aromatherapy (using only natural products and clays), deluxe treatment full body aromatherapy massage, reflexology treatments like feet, hand and ears and also pregnancy aromatherapy massage. Reflexology uses a targeted, pressure-point massage to restore the flow of energy throughout the body. In addition to the effect of the oils, you also get a positive effect from the massage. During the massage, hormones are released that make us feel good, such as oxytocin.

A traditional aromatherapy massage is a form of Swedish massage focusing on gentle effleurage movement and lymph drainage. Before the massage starts, you are asked questions about your health, and then Shelley will make an aromatherapy blend made up just for you. This will help to increase circulation, boost the immune system and assists the body in clearing toxins.

 Aromaflex only uses natural essential oils of the highest quality, and Shelley works with suppliers directly from farms around New Zealand and the world to obtain the best medicinal grade she possibly can get. The scent from the oils affects the body first and foremost through the sense of smell, which can then evoke both memory and emotions. Scents are also said to arouse the nervous system and glands that control the hormones. On the skin, the oils are said to work in such a way that small molecules pass through the skin. These molecules are said to affect the throat and airways positively but also other parts of the body if the molecules reach the blood.

At Aromaflex, you can also get beautiful handmade aromatic diffusers. Not only a relaxing ritual and gratifying way to scent your home, the use of essential oil diffusers can deliver aromatherapeutic benefits to the body and mind. Whether you want a specific oil or blend to uplift and invigorate or one to set a calming ambience, you can tailor the use of essential oil diffusions to suit situations and set the scene for your mood.

 Aromaflex encourages customers to recycle the small glass bottles or use them for a discounted refill. 

Let yourself be carried away to another world and forget about your everyday stressful life. 

A visit to Aromaflex and Shelley will give you a wonderful experience to refuel.

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