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Autumn Gardening Tips: Tim’s Garden

Autumn Gardening Tips ?

Early Autumn is the ideal time to do most planting or transplanting of trees, shrubs and hedges in the garden. This will give the plants a good start to establish roots and adjust before winter arrives.

Vegetable seedlings such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, beetroot, and spinach are best planted out now. Adding extra nutrients back into the soil by adding compost, fertilisers and animal manure/pellets will help replenish the soil after the hard summer months and will create a healthy foundation for newly planted crops to succeed. Little and often may be a better approach as some plants will not be active during winter so you are helping to ‘feed’ the soil during this time.

Deciduous plants and trees die back and reserve energy over winter, in this time, light pruning and shaping can benefit the tree’s health, use Autumn as the time to trim back any dead or diseased branches and leaves and lightly shape the tree. Read up on techniques for shaping trees and understanding your desired outcome before you begin – there are different approaches for different tree families. Also, try to limit your pruning to a maximum of 1/3 of the total mass to avoid over-cutting.

If you can, mulch or shred any garden waste to add a layer to garden beds during colder months and be sure to rake leaf litter into bags on a dry day to save for later use in the year for the compost bin or garden beds. Leaves are a fundamental source of food for worms.
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Happy gardening!

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