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A five-step series to help the Kiwi small business sector support: WK Strawbridge Advisors and Accountants

2020 was a year unlike any other and for all Kiwi businesses the physical and emotional health of our teams is a key component of maintaining a positive and happy workplace.
Xero have created this great resource based on advice from New Zealand health and wellbeing experts, ‘??? ????? ??’.
A five-step series to help the Kiwi small business sector support their teams to thrive, implement ways to build people’s resilience and wellbeing, to be productive, contributing members of families, communities and workplaces.
Here’s how it works;
???? ???: Getting to know your team
???? ???: Fostering connections within your team
???? ?????: Supporting others to look after themselves
???? ????: Making it okay to ask for help
???? ????: Making a long term commitment to wellbeing
Find out how you can use Xero’s ‘The Check In’ resource to build a culture of positive wellbeing in your workplace ?


As we start off a new financial year, hear are some tips to get you in good stead for the coming year…
? If you are not regularly staying on top of your finances, you’ll procrastinate and over time, it gets tougher to tackle it – do the small jobs daily.
? Utilise automation to stay on top of your bookwork. Take photos of receipts, create invoices on your mobile, and complete bank reconciliations daily.
Got a tax or accounting question you would like answered? Ask your question in the comments below and our expert advisors will help you tackle it ? ?


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