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30-year anniversary for Living Sound

Listening to music is one of the most pleasant activities we can do. Music can make us feel emotions, relive others, think, dream, have fun, do catharsis, create, and connect with others.

Based in Nelson, Living Sound is a specialist Audio/visual business that has been serving local clients for the past 30 years. Owned and operated by Ricky Dasler, an audio consultant and Hi-Fi/music enthusiast who has bringing superior sound into his customers home for years. As a specialist hifi store, his main priority is to listen to a customer’s requirements and then offer solutions that best suit their budget and gives the best sound quality for that budget.
Ricky has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that he is happy to share to assist you in obtaining the best system for your requirements and budget. Ricky can offer a range of products that are superior in performance to those in mass-market consumer electronics and home appliance chain stores.

Ricky trained and operated as a jeweller in the 80’s and owned Rhythm Records in the 90’s and started at Living Sound 1999. He became a partner in Living Sound 2003-2014 and is now the sole owner since 2015.
“Music is always at the heart of what I do. I am a music lover first and foremost. The equipment is only a means of getting customers music to sound more lifelike in their homes”, says Ricky.

Living Sound celebrates 30 years in business this year. Established in 1991, a time when Compact Disc players were on the rise, cassettes were still very much a day-to-day way of playing music at home and on the move, and vinyl was on the way out.

How times have changed over 30 years. The home theatre craze in the early 2000’s has mostly been replaced by the clutter-free soundbar. CD playback is looking like being replaced with network streaming with all the variety of listening and convenience it provides, and much to everyone’s surprise and delight, the record player is back with a vengeance.
Whether you’re looking for your first proper sound system, replacing a stereo that’s run its life span, a serious audiophile, or an architect looking for solutions for you, building your own home and want an audio solution that will last, or need advice on the latest solutions in the digital world Living Sound will love to help you.
“It’s a great time to be investing in quality audio gear. There’s exceptional sound to be had for a modest budget and plenty of choices to meet individual needs. Of course, the high-end gear is also amazing in how lifelike it delivers music in the home”, says Ricky.

Good sound is not everything but almost!
Listening to a high-end audio system is a profoundly personal and moving experience; it allows you to truly feel all the power and nuance of the music. After all, bringing music into our homes is utterly magical.

Upgrading audio equipment at home to achieve a better sound does not necessarily mean that you must spend a fortune.
Thinking about getting a small pair of speakers that sound good, but will not break the bank? Or are you more into a pair of world-class speakers in exotic wood weighing 38 kg each? Then make sure you come and visit Living Sound to hear and discuss what you are after.
“As a specialist store, I only stock audio brands that are proven to sound good and be reliable. Many of our brands have been represented in the store for over 25 years. Often, they are smaller companies that share the passion for sound quality the same as the stores around the world that represent those brands”, says Ricky.

Ricky is an amazing passionate music and audio enthusiast, and you can feel relaxed and take your time and ask whatever questions you have, no matter how basic you think they are. Ricky is more than happy to share information that will help you with your system purchase. Even after you have the equipment in your home, if there is something you are not sure about, he is only a phone call or email away. Ongoing support is all part of the customer relationship at Living Sound.

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