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Dermaplaning now @Woman in Nelson: Woman Day Spa for Women & Men

At Woman in Nelson, we’ve recently introduced dermaplaning to our list of treatments. Dermaplaning is a safe, easy and non-invasive treatment designed to make the skin feel smoother, appear healthier and more youthful. We use a scalpel handle and a 10-gauge scalpel blade to smooth out the skin gently. It removes the top layer of the skin surface (epidermis), thus removing dead skin cells and minor skin imperfections such as congestion.

It goes without saying that you don’t want those tools of the trade in the hands of an inexperienced user… But at Woman, we see the value of investing in training for our team of therapists.

Our team completed a full day’s training involving a morning of theory. After this, we had an afternoon of practical assessment, including individual case studies. Our trainer has over 17 years of experience in dermaplaning and was a wealth of knowledge for us. She also provides us with ongoing support and education. We see this investment as critical because it means we can offer you the very best service and results possible.

Dermaplaning FAQs:
We know that this is a new treatment for many of you. So, in this article, we thought we would try to cover the questions clients ask us most frequently about dermaplaning when they visit us at our Nelson spa. Read on for all the info!

What issues can derma-planing help with?
Dermaplaning is popular as the solution to everyone’s peach fuzz concerns. But, it is also an advanced facial treatment due to the highly exfoliating nature of the treatment.

Furthermore, while Dermaplaning itself does not treat wrinkles or scarring, the skin is extremely permeable post-dermaplaning. This means that other facial modalities and treatments, like IPL, are far more effective after dermaplaning. However, this is only true where the skin is healthy. This is why a consultation with a skin therapist is required before dermaplaning.

Is it suitable for anyone?
Dermaplaning is unsuitable for some people. We’ve compiled a list of instances where it is unsuitable below, but, once again, we always require that you book a consultation before service so that we can discuss any personal issues or circumstances with you.

Dermaplaning is unsuitable for:

Active, puss-filled acne
Sunburned skin
Accutane or other prescription Vitamin A users
Extremely sensitive skins
Eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis
Chemo or radiation treatment in the last year
Clients that take blood-thinning medication or with bleeding or clotting disorders
If there is an endocrine imbalance such as PCOS, endo, pregnancy and menopause, then the treatment may not be right for you.
How long will a treatment last?
Treatments are best up kept every 4-6 weeks depending on age and cell turnover.

Is it painful, and does it need any recovery time?
Dermaplaning is not painful at all. There is no recovery time. However, we send clients home with 7 days of post-treatment instructions to care for their skin correctly.

Can somebody get results after one treatment?
Yes! You will absolutely see results from one treatment! However, upkeep is required to maintain the results.

If you would like to find out more about dermaplaning or book a consultation at our Nelson city spa, please contact us HERE.


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