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Review from Chanelle who recently attended our Ring Fling: Jewel Beetle

Here’s a for the lovely 5⭐️ google review from Chanelle who recently attended our Ring Fling Here’s what she wrote:
“WOW!✨ What an experience!✨ I attended an evening of creative bliss, my Ring Fling at Jewel Beetle and i couldn’t be more wrapped with the whole adventure! Smooth communication and clear direction was a joy! The, Ring Fling evenings are something i would pay any dime for! To design your own ring then, have it cast in silver *with a possible option of gold*!! Why wouldn’t you take up the chance!! Definitely go in with an idea, saves a lot of pondering time that can be well spent on technique of the final product. I had my idea already and it still took a good 2-3hrs. Simple is better! I went with geometrical shapes and i love it!! Hope to attend again in future – if i can!! Haha! Thank you ladies!! A treasure for a lifetime, through generations!! 💕
(thanks Chanelle!)

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