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45 DAY CHALLENGE at F45 Training Nelson

Our next 45 DAY CHALLENGE ⚡️ Starts 7th June ⚡️
Be in to win a ???? ??? ?? ??? ?????????. This massive prize is priceless??.
In just 45 days you can achieve life changing results in a team training environment that will keep you accountable and push you towards making 2021 truly LIFE CHANGING ★
Be in to win a ???? ??? ?? ??? ????????? pack including:
✅Your first TWO weeks Dinner by Healthkicks ???
✅Before and after Body scans to track changes in body composition.
✅Guidance from our team of Coaches.
✅Goal tracking, and Nutrition Advice, Blogs and helpful tips via our App to help you achieve success
✅Access to Heart Rate Monitor technology ensuring you get the most out of your training ❤️.
✅And of course Unlimited Training with ??? ?????? | ???????? ? designed to help you burn fat, and build lean muscle.

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Competition ends 1pm Sunday 30th May 2021 and the winner will be announced later that day.
So get liking, sharing, and tagging.?
Healthkicks F45 Training Nelson F45 Training Richmond NZ

Register you interest in the F45 Challenge here:

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