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Hospo – Technology for The Hospitality Industry

It is no secret that technology has completely transformed the way we live our lives, and it is no different in the hospitality industry. For example, restaurants have been using tech for years, but with the recent coronavirus pandemic and changing attitudes towards issues like sustainability, the need for restaurant technology has boomed in the last year.
Surely, wouldn’t it be good to increase efficiency while keeping costs down? It is not as difficult as you might think. By providing the staff with mobile tools or iPads, you not only reduce the run back and forth to the checkout, but you also give them more time to focus on the customer. Customers are ultimately the reason why your business exists at all.

No customers = no business. In order for you to be able to generate a good customer experience, it is important to take good care of those who are the face to the outside – the staff. By making life a little easier for your employees, they have more energy, reduced stress, and higher motivation to drive the business forward. So now they can focus on the atmosphere, the menus and outstanding service.

Nelson-based company HOSPO by Adam O’Loughlin provide these clever software technologies that can improve your hospitality business. He is passionate about using cloud technology to help customers to reach their goals and maximize the benefits of cloud services.
“Efficiency and the connection with your customer are huge to me, and I have a passion for finding new and more productive ways to help the hospitality reach goals. Mapping out the technological solutions for the future is an important way to ensure efficiency is reached in every process possible”.

HOSPO is software, hardware and consulting services for the Hospitality Industry and has two software products. One is PosBoss, a point of sales system where you and your team place orders, process payments, manage your menu, manage your stock, receive real-time financial reporting, and operate a smooth-running business. It runs on an iPad and the management console runs on any browser on any device.

As soon as the order is sent from the waiter’s iPad, the order appears on the kitchen screens or as a printed docket if you like and the kitchen staff can start preparing the order.
The restaurant kitchen can be a hectic place, so, depending on your restaurant’s needs, printed tickets might not be your best option. Many restaurants today are instead using a screen display to keep things moving efficiently in the kitchen and throughout the entire restaurant. In other words, this digital system is not only the communication between kitchen, restaurant and bar but above all for guests. Having serving staff who are present and can directly answer questions shows good service. In addition, the serving staff gets a better overview of what is happening throughout the restaurant. “Kitchen and bar staff read the order on a display and start a preparation even before the waiter has left the table”.

These systems are the ultimate restaurant technology tool; empowering restaurants to offer quicker, more convenient service, reach new customers, cut costs, and keep their customers (and staff) safe and happy.

The other product is, a clever software that removes the cost and headaches in managing orders between suppliers and their hospitality buyers. It’s for the companies that supply products to the hospitality industry like coffee, wine, beer and all the food in the kitchen. These suppliers use the software to manage their orders and the hospitality owners use it as one place to manage placing these orders, instead of emailing different suppliers. The benefit for the supplier is that integrates with the accountant system Xero. The software allows businesses to complete purchases and keep track of sales data – which can be done through the cloud.

These systems are the ultimate restaurant technology tool; empowering restaurants to offer quicker, more convenient service, reach new customers, cut costs, and keep their customers (and staff) safe and happy.

“We work with hospitality owners, suppliers and their staff to ensure they have the correct technology solutions to operate, track and understand their business, leaving them to focus on the important formula of great food, beverage and service in a wonderful environment for their consumers”.

Among the local clients of Hospos posBoss you will find Burger Culture, Founders Park, Red Art Gallery, Suter Café, Arden, Hardy Street Eatery, Fat Tui and Harvest Kitchen-Seifrieds Winery, Alberta’s Café, Golden Bear Brewery and Restaurant and some local clients are Chia Sisters, Pomeroys Coffee Roasters, Pete’s Natural, CrossBoss Coffee Roasters and Yum Granola.
If you are a hospitality owner or supplier to the hospitality industry, contact Adam who has smart, affordable and beautiful NZ software to help run your business. He can help with the implementation and training to ensure you are getting the most value for your business and your customers!

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