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Some of our amazing Milestone achievers: F45 Training Nelson

Some of our amazing Milestone achievers ???
The old saying consistency is key could not be more true! These superstars have showed up consistently over at least 100 times and it shows ?
We are so proud of you all and can’t wait to see you continuing on your epic fitness journey?❤️
The superstars:
✨Renee & Pete Degroot – 500 club
This power couple are two of our OG members – super stars for consistency with a lot of hard work, good chat and laughs along the way!
✨ Miriama Stephens – 100 club
✨ Mariam El Orfi + Rob Ashburner 250 club
✨ Maria Briggs nelson studio 100 club
✨ Richard Walsh Nelson studio 100 club
✨ Victoria Gourdie 100 club Nelson studio
✨ Erika Hemelryk – 100 club
✨ Victoria Gourdie – 100 club
✨ Katy Marshall nelson studio hundy club
✨ Lucy Barron – Hundy club
Congratualtions!! ???

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