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Some of our amazing Milestone achievers: F45 Training Nelson

Some of our amazing Milestone achievers 👏👏👏
The old saying consistency is key could not be more true! These superstars have showed up consistently over at least 100 times and it shows 💪
We are so proud of you all and can’t wait to see you continuing on your epic fitness journey💙❤️
The superstars:
✨Renee & Pete Degroot – 500 club
This power couple are two of our OG members – super stars for consistency with a lot of hard work, good chat and laughs along the way!
✨ Miriama Stephens – 100 club
✨ Mariam El Orfi + Rob Ashburner 250 club
✨ Maria Briggs nelson studio 100 club
✨ Richard Walsh Nelson studio 100 club
✨ Victoria Gourdie 100 club Nelson studio
✨ Erika Hemelryk – 100 club
✨ Victoria Gourdie – 100 club
✨ Katy Marshall nelson studio hundy club
✨ Lucy Barron – Hundy club
Congratualtions!! 👏👏👏

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