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Timezone Nelson – Fun for everyone

Chances are they knew you when you were growing up. Today, they still help Kiwis to smile, kill time, connect with friends, treat kids, and become champions. The games are new, and prizes are easy to win.

Timezone is the latest and greatest entertainment hub Nelson has to offer. With a wide range of state-of-the-art arcade games and experiences, you will be left wanting more!

This indoor gaming zone caters for kids of all age groups and, of course, their parents too. The place is so colourful, vibrant, lively – a real happy place.

The idea is to keep fun alive and bring the best out for everyone, and the more you play – the more you win.

Timezone offers genuine fun and entertainment for the whole family and an instant hit when it opened in Nelson back in April 2021. Timezone has the latest interactive entertainment video games and high-tech prize machines; it is all about fun and excitement, no matter what age or gender, there’s a game for everyone here.

Established in 1978, the first Timezone Family Entertainment Centre opened in Perth, Western Australia. Unlike the traditional pinball parlors and pool halls of the era, Timezone was the first family-oriented video amusement facility. This family emphasis is still a key focus of the brand today.

Following its success in Australia, Timezone went international in 1995. Today, Timezone has established a strong foothold in more than 200 locations, operating in Australia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam.

The excellent team with “Captain” Brennan as the Nelson Manager makes everyone always feel welcome.

So how does it all work? Load money onto your Powercard and swipe or tap your card on the swiper to start your game. The price of the game will automatically be deducted from your Powercard. Any Powertickets you win are automatically added onto your card. Redeem your Powertickets for awesome prizes in the Winners Vault prize shop..

You can also buy a Time Play package to guarantee your game playing time or load up Arcade credit to play games and win tickets and prizes. The Winner Vault shop includes a massive selection of prizes, including more than 40 different types of plush toys, an all-new novelty range along with scented, electric, and even blow-up slime, a range of significant prizes including iPhones, gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch and a delicious American confectionery range.

Timezone also offers Birthday Party packages with dedicated party hosts so you can sit back and relax while the kids have a blast. Contact Timezone Nelson to find out more about their party packages available.

Bring a date, hang with mates or bond with the kids.

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