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‘Carry’ Me Through The Winter: Global Soap

I don’t envy those climates that only have varying degrees of summer. While summer is still easily my favourite season, the colour kaleidoscope of Autumn and the fresh rebirth associated with spring all provide seasonal richness to the calendar. Despite the mercury dropping through winter (though this one has been fairly mild so far), it’s an opportunity to break out the woollies, slippers and slow cooker. Snow bunnies are the pig in mud this time of year! Winter however can play havoc on your skin.

Here in Nelson, we’re lucky enough to enjoy sparkling winter days. The air outside is cold and dry with very little humidity which means water in our skin evaporates more quickly which results in dry, tight skin. The use of Carrier Oils are a perfect foil to counter these wintry effects on the skin as it prevents moisture from evaporating. Easily absorbed into the skin, these natural oils protect the lipid barrier, retain moisture, nourish the skin leaving a hydrated, healthy glow.

Essential Vs Carrier?
Essential Oils are the pure essence of seeds, flowers, leaves, roots, and other parts of plants. They are typically extracted through steam distillation. Possessing the natural scents and characteristics from the plants they are distilled from, essential oils are highly potent and should always be diluted and applied to the skin via a Carrier Oil (generally a 1% to 2% dilution is recommended).

The term ‘Carrier Oil’ encompasses hundreds of different oils and butters. In the most basic sense, the word ‘carrier’ serves to distinguish oils that are not ‘essential’ oils. They come from the oils of seeds, nuts, and kernels and are rich in essential fatty acids. While there are a few different ways to extract carrier oils, a cold-pressed method whereby seeds, nuts, and kernels are crushed to release the oils is the most common extraction method.

Carrier Oils get their name as they ‘carry’ essential oils onto the skin. Although dilution is one of carrier oil’s primary use, they also offer their own unique characteristics and therapeutic benefits. They are highly effective on a range of skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, acne, psoriasis, dry and oily skin due to the healthy fats contained within the oils. As they possess high moisturising and softening properties, carrier oils have also had success being applied on warts, soft tissue injuries, sore muscles, sunburns and cuts.

A Few Essential Carriers

Help feed your skin this winter with our popular Carrier Oils. Massage these to your skin directly or use them to ‘carry’ and dilute your favourite essential oil before applying to your skin.

Argan Oil: Argan oil is made from kernels found inside the fruit of argan trees, which are native to Morocco. This oil has a nutty aroma and is rich in vitamins A, E, and monounsaturated fatty acids. These properties will hydrate your skin and help diminish fine lines, blemishes and stretch marks. A great leave-in-hair treatment too.

Rosehip Oil: Contrary to popular belief, rosehip oil isn’t actually derived from roses but rosehips off wild growing rosehip bushes. This remarkable oil contains high levels of vitamin E, essential fatty acids and retinol (vitamin A), which is said to help delay the effects of ageing skin. Widely used in skincare products for its regenerating properties, is known to help dry, damaged skin, scars and stretch marks. Excellent for the sensitive skin on your face.

Hemp Seed Oil: Hemp Seed Oil is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. Considered to have anti-inflammatory properties providing relief for dry and itchy skin. Wonderful also as an oil for smoother, thicker and stronger hair.

Jojoba Oil: A fantastic, versatile oil – used to nourish & moisturise your face, body and hair. Jojoba oil is a pure and natural plant extract (pronounced ho-ho-ba) from the perennial woody shrub that grows wild in Arizona, Southern California and parts of Mexico. This luxurious oil is excellent for removing makeup, softening cuticles and using as a bath or massage oil. Superior antioxidant properties moisturise skin and helps prevent dryness and flakiness. Jojoba oil absorbs easily in the skin and doesn’t clog pores. This makes it a superior carrier oil option for massage oils, facial moisturizers, and bath oils.


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