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Looking to upgrade your dining room lighting? Storey Home Collection

Looking to upgrade your dining room lighting?
Here are some tips and tricks for lighting your dining room!
You can hang a chandelier or pendant light over a dining room table and call it a day but try and remember to create layers of light. This provides general lighting as well as accent lighting, helping to achieve a multi-functional space for you and your family.

What size should my light be over table? A lighting fixture above a table should be approximately ½ the width or diameter of the table. The bottom of a pendant light or chandelier should sit about 800mm-900mm from the table.
Adding wall lights is a great way to layer lighting in your dining room! A handy tip is to install the wall lights 1700mm from the floor, and to have the fixtures 1800mm to 2400mm apart.

Do not forget dimmers! Dimmers are a great way to reduce glare, create a warm glow, and make a cosy atmosphere.
Keep in mind… All measurements listed are simply guidelines. Always consult a professional for advice regarding special applications and installation.

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