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Wonder Why Your Injury Is Taking Time to Get Better? Sports Therapy

Whether you picked up your baby and hurt your back, or you have an Achilles injury from a long run, injuries are frustrating. There are a few reasons why your injury might not be getting better as quickly as you like:
1. The type of injury
Your injury type may determine your recovery time. For example, Achilles injuries (tendon injuries) are very different from back injuries. This is because tendon injuries relate to load, and usually happen when we do something different to our normal routine eg. run further, faster or uphill compared to a normal casual jog. This means the treatment for a tendon is completely different from a treatment for a back injury.
If you’re not sure what you have actually injured – chat to your physio. They can explain what is involved, and why it’s recovering the way it is.
2. How often you get treatment
Getting you better is our priority, so a physio considers injury healing timelines when they recommend how soon you should come back to see them. How often a physio sees someone for an acute back injury is very different from how often they see someone for a tendon injury. If you’re not sure about timelines and can’t seem to fit in treatment, chat to your physio about why they have asked to see you when they have.
3. Your history of injury
If you have had the same injury in the past, or injured the same area before, your recovery may take a bit longer. This is not always the case, but often happens for those past injuries you forget to rehabilitate properly.
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