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Bodywave Nelson – Leaders In EMS Training Exercise Technology Used By Astronauts

Exercise… Some love it, and some do their best to avoid it! We all know the benefits, but sometimes the thought of a sweaty gym, loud techno music and large mirrors can be a bit off-putting. Not to mention the feeling we sometimes get when everyone else seems to look so fit, and I have been eating too many pies!

Also, with social distancing restrictions, you might be open to something a little bit different. Electro Muscular Training (EMS) originated from Sports Medicine and used by Bruce Lee and NASA Astronauts before being adapted for the fitness market. So, if it is good enough for Bruce Lee and Astronauts, maybe it is worth trying out?

Bodywave is a boutique fitness studio offering Personal Training with a unique twist. A specialised, revolutionary technology-based EMS strength training. An efficient alternative to conventional strength training. One 20-minute session is equivalent to around 3 hours of standard strength training. Owner and Qualified Personal Trainer, Flower Bradley, is the most experienced Kiwi EMS trainer in New Zealand. Flower and her team love introducing you to ‘the good buzz’ of EMS. Operating since 2017, Bodywave is the only EMS training facility available on the South Island.

Flower has a warm, genuine vibe about her. You can tell she knows her stuff and is passionate about helping people feel great. She has succeeded in many different ventures and loves a good challenge. She is creative and hard-working, has worked as a photographer, managed a cafe, a General store, a Clothing label and more. Known as “Nanna Flo” by her daughters’ children, she is a great local ambassador and proof that you can do anything if you believe in it.

Flower aspires others to become EMS trainers and looks to offer others the opportunity to invest or operate their own EMS studios around New Zealand in the future. She has already helped to inspire a few people that want to open up their own EMS training places now.

“In the future EMS training will be all over the country, and it will be another form of training that people chose to do, like in Europe. EMS Training strengthens the body’s electrical impulses which are transmitted by the central nervous system to the muscles via the spinal cord. With each exercise, a corresponding electrical impulse is received from the electrodes in a specially designed jacket; consequently, the muscle receives additional tension and it’s a particularly effective stimulus.” explains Flower.

Did you know that EMS is high-intensity training?

A session only takes 20 minutes, so it is very time efficient. Time is precious to everyone as we all lead busy lives. It will make you stronger, leaner; it will increase your mobility and range of motion. You become more stable, and because it balances muscles on both sides of your body, it will improve your posture, strengthening your body. “People come in with back pain and through EMS training, reduce pain through strengthening their core and gaining lean muscle, supporting the skeletal system.

People generally do feel the immediate benefits of EMS training, include stress reduction and mood enhancement, as endorphins are released throughout the training.”

Body Wave has a range of clients in their mid-20’s right up to their late 70’s.

“EMS training is the most efficient full-body workout I have done. Muscle maintenance keeps us strong & healthy. Extremely important for everyone but very vital to our 45 plus age group. Maintaining muscle mass maintains our power and strength. It is not just about looking good. It’s also about feeling great and enjoying longevity.” Why not give it a go?

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FIRST TIME EVER! Bodywave Nelson is excited to be offering ONE DAY of FREE Trial Trainings! Saturday the 3rd of July ONLY. Book your hour from 8 am to 5pm and get ready for the EMS experience. Bookings are limited, so if you are serious, book now.

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  1. An amazing way to squize exercise in to a busy schedule, and beyond that, an amazing space that Flower has created, warm welcoming and PROFESSIONAL.

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