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Celebrating our Nelson Spa Therapists: Woman Beauty Day Spa

The 26th of June is Beautician’s Day! Yes, we couldn’t believe it either… Our wonderful team have their very own day! To mark the occasion, we thought we’d celebrate our Nelson Spa Therapists by asking them why they love what they do, what treatment is their current favourite. And finally, how they will be making the most of Beautician’s Day. Read on to discover their answers!

Celebrating Beautician’s Day with our Nelson Spa Therapists
Celebrating our Nelson Spa Therapists

The best thing about being a therapist is being able to help our clients to achieve their skin goals & see the results they want. Also, I love helping people feel relaxed and being able to take more time for themselves.

My current favourite treatment is IPL skin rejuvenation. I love seeing the change in colour and look of the skin. Our new machine is a game-changer!

Since taking some more time off for me, I have found a love for painting! So, I will be taking time for myself to paint and celebrate beauticians day.

The best thing about being a beautician is that I am responsible for “refilling” my client’s cups. I know their time with me is special to them, and it’s important that they leave feeling much better than when they arrive. I believe it is important to take time out for ourselves as women; we are always looking after everyone else.

My current favourite treatment is our head to toe reviver. As the name suggests, it takes care of everything you need from top to bottom by beginning first with a spa pedicure, then being treated to a Lomi Lomi back massage before finishing off with the bliss of a facial. It is literally the best, and just the right amount of time (in my opinion) that you actually switch off and relax.

As for celebrating Beautician’s Day, I will celebrate my amazing team of Nelson spa therapists by bringing in some sweet treats for a shared lunch. After all, they deserve it. ?

The best thing about being a Spa therapist is helping my clients feel relaxed and less stressed. I love making people feel more confident within their own skin by helping with their skin concerns and giving them the right tools/knowledge to help themselves after their treatments.

My favourite treatment is the Ultimate Indulgence. It is a full body massage and facial, two and a half hours of pure relaxation! What more could you want?

To celebrate, I will be taking a little time out for my own self-care and maybe get a massage myself!

Working at Woman is the best thing about being a spa therapist. I enjoy making every single person that walks through our door feel amazing. I enjoy all our conversations, having a good laugh, and giving everyone the chance to feel total bliss. We have an incredible team at Woman, and I’m proud to be a part of it. Also, the tea selection in our relaxation lounge is pretty good too.

My current favourite treatment is our Coconut Lime Blossom Skin Renewal. It’s a peptide peel for the whole body, which is great this time of year when our skin feels dry from the cold and indoor heating. It also includes a full body massage and that amazing scalp massage we all know and love to melt the stress away and nourish the skin. Afterwards, your skin glows, and it smells like a tropical holiday. The best part is, it’s on our winter seasonal specials, and if you love the smell of the coconut lime blossom infusion, the Pure Fiji body butter or lotion is a great thing to take home to help that glow and hydration last.

Lastly, for Beautician’s Day, I’m going to celebrate it in style. I’ll be here at Woman making your day special.

I have two roles at Woman, Spa Therapist and Receptionist. So, I am always meeting new people. This can be both entertaining and valuable as sometimes it’s a good belly laugh to brighten my day, and other times it’s treasured life advice to ponder over. I also love that I am fully present for my clients and give them my all during their treatments to help them feel cared for.

My favourite treatment changes almost weekly! I personally put time aside for relaxing treatments such as the Essential Spa Facial but am dying to get in for the Ultimate Indulgence Spa package! Who doesn’t love feeling totally blissed out? I also partake frequently in Dermaplaning and Lash lifts.

To celebrate us and the work we do, I will be enjoying the treats brought in by Bridgette (as stated above, you are my witnesses!) and looking after our lovely clients. ?

The best part of my job as a beauty therapist is making clients feel good through relaxation or boosting client’s confidence by improving skin concerns.

My favourite treatment is probably dermaplaning; I love it because of the immediate result of soft, glowing skin; it’s also very relaxing for the clients, so they get some time out with wonderful results.

I had no idea Beautician’s Day was a thing, but I like the idea of it! As it’s on a Saturday, I’ll be working at Woman with the awesome team!

It’s extremely rewarding when your client is fully relaxed at the end of the treatment, feels amazing, and is happy with the outcome of the treatment. Their reaction is always the best part of the day!

My favourite treatment is definitely the Honey Melt Ritual using Pure Fiji Products because it’s got all the goodness you could ask for in just 90 minutes, exfoliation, massage, hydration, and a facial! Perfect for these winter months.

I will celebrate being a Spa Therapist by making my clients feel relaxed and beautiful at the spa, the only way to celebrate! Although maybe, I’ll indulge in a cheeky drink at the end of the working day!

If you’d like to help our team of Nelson Spa Therapists celebrate Beautician’s Day, let them spoil you! Contact us to book your appointment.


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