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Gold for Tāhuna Beach Holiday Park

A push to adopt more sustainable practices has seen Nelson’s Tāhuna Beach Holiday Park awarded a Gold level Sustainable Tourism Award by Qualmark.

The iconic holiday park has been the beachside destination for thousands of New Zealanders and international visitors every year for more than nine decades.

General Manager David Pattinson said the team was “absolutely delighted” to receive the recognition – up from a Silver level awarded in 2019 – as well as retain its 4-star rating on both its motels and the holiday park itself.

“We’ve put a lot of thought into additional measures to operate the business more efficiently while minimising our impact by being more sustainable. It’s a credit to the team.”

Actions such as reducing water usage, minimising light pollution (ie lights on sensors at night), and making it easier for guests and staff to reuse and recycle more are all now part of the Park’s daily life, said Pattinson.

In addition, Pattinson believed tightening up feedback processes, revising emergency management, advancing all Health and Safety procedures, respecting the location by including the macron over Tāhuna in the Park’s name, and renewed commitment to supporting the community (and the Park’s coastline including the inlet) all impacted positively on the assessment.

“We’re well aware of the privilege we have to be in this location and this community – it’s in our best interests to have best practise management,” Pattinson said.

Tourism Business Advisor Di Harris, who undertook the Qualmark audit, wrote in her summary: “I am excited for the future of the Park, with such a committed and talented team. Best wishes for the continued development of our iconic Holiday Park; it’s a special place for a lot of Kiwis.”

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