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July Grab-A-Treat at Woman Beauty Day Spa

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July Grab-A-Treat – Because we’re halfway through winter!

We decided that as we’re officially over halfway through winter we’d celebrate with this very special July Grab-A-Treat!

Escape with this full-body treatment inspired by ancestral oriental rites and drift away enjoying the delicious amber and myrrh infusions.

You will first enjoy an application of luxurious enzyme gel to exfoliate and brighten the skin, which is then buffed and polished using a handmade claystone, your gift to take home. After this, you’ll receive a full body massage with the rich full body fragranced massage oil.

To finish, bliss out in our relax lounge with a herbal tea and enjoy the aromas and relaxation for a little bit longer before you leave the salon.

This treatment is a staff favourite, both the treatment itself and the aromas are simply divine!

Allow 80 minutes for this treatment.



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