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Parking at Morrison Square, use Parkmate App

The Parkmate App is now in use for Customers using the car park in Morrison Square. Parking must be paid for via the ParkMate App.
1hour free parking is still available- but you will need to be registered on the ParkMate App.
How to use the APP
1. Download ParkMate from App Store or Google play.
2. Register your Account or Use your existing account – enter your details- registration requires you to provide an active email address, mobile number, license plate and register a valid credit card.
1. Start screen- “please select a car park” you can choose List or Map view & location as (244 Hardy St, Nelson (Morrison Sq)
2. Blue Button- Max Stay 2hrs
3. Green Button – casual – Start Stop parking – (Max 2hr stay)
4. Confirmation screen appears once you’ve selected Blue or Green button.
5. Select Confirm and Start Parking – this activates your parking session
3. A timer will appear when you have a session active
Steps to claim 1-hour free parking :
1. Open ParkMate App
2. Select Car Park PinPoint – 244 Hardy St, Nelson (Morrison Sq)
3. Select Start My Parking
4. The Customer is now valid to park – begins shopping
5. The Customer is ready to leave:
6. Opens App – Selects Stop My Parking
7. If the Customer is within the first hour – the parking transaction is FREE.


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