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Are you a Physio in NZ Keen to Learn Dry Needling?: Sports Therapy

Are you a Physio in NZ Keen to Learn Dry Needling?
We’re hosting an exciting course by Senior Physiotherapist Trevor Montgomery this month. This weekend course is designed to help expand the toolbox of any physio at any stage in their career.
DATES: 24 Jul, 8:00 am- 5:00pm – 25 Jul, 8:00am- 3:30 pm
WHERE: Sports Therapy Nelson, 132 Collingwood Street, Nelson
PRICE: $660 exclusive to NZ Registered Physios only
Spaces are limited – Book Now!
The course is an introduction to Dry Needling, learning to needle major muscle groups in all areas of the body but focused looking at conditions such as Achilles Tendonosis, Shoulder Impingement and SIJ dysfunctions. As we look at each of these conditions we teach you how to needle trigger points in the muscles that may be dysfunctional in those conditions and then look at how to rehab the conditions using exercises/stretches that Trevor has developed.
The course is designed to help practitioners integrate dry needling into their clinical approach with a view to addressing the underlying causes of some of the more common clinical presentations we treat. Having taught over 180 introductory and advanced courses for AUT, PAANZ, the APA of Australia and Asia over the last 12 years. Trevor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his teaching in this specialty area.

Pre & Post Natal Physio & PT Collaboration Night
Event by Sports Therapy
Sports Therapy
Get more clients with this networking night at Sports Therapy!
PT & Physio are a match made in heaven for women looking for strength & fitness during the pre and postnatal period. Join Physios Jane & Caitlin to discover the common issues facing pre and post-natal clients from a physio perspective as we discuss how we can all work together.
This event is a great way for the physios at Nelson’s largest clinic to learn about new PTs we can refer to, as well as giving you handy info to pass onto your clients.
Tickets are $10 – You can pay via cash or EFTPOS on the night.


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