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Ten questions with Louise Douglas Jewellery..

Ten questions with Louise Douglas Jewellery..

  1. What prompted you to go into jewellery design and manufacture?
    I have always been fascinated with jewellery; my mum and grandmother both loved jewellery and I was always sifting through their treasures boxes when I was little. I started making jewellery at age 18, selling to fashion and design stores throughout New Zealand. I moved to New York City when I was 21, where I worked as a designer for large fashion jewellery houses.
  2. What was your first “aha” moment?
    When someone first bought a piece of my jewellery in a store I realised that jewellery is what I wanted to do. I was hooked! I love the sentimentality associated with jewellery, it has the power to hold memories of love and connection for many people.
  3. What do you like about living and working from Nelson?
    There’s something pure and magical about Nelson, the ocean and mountains are so stunning. Nelson also has a very creative and supportive community. Our sunny city workshop has a beautiful natural outlook and people love visiting our small boutique. Knowing that everything is made onsite and having the opportunity to meet the
    makers is all part of the unique experience.
  4. What inspires your collections?
    I am inspired by the intricacies of the natural world, along with art and fashion. I also draw influence from Victorian and Art Nouveau jewellery, with a modern twist. I like to encourage the viewer to appreciate nature’s beauty and imperfections when they experience my work.
  5. Your aesthetic, summed up in five words?
    Organic, handmade, nature-inspired, feminine and romantic.
  6. Can you describe the people who wear your jewellery?
    I sell my work to all kinds of people. I create small delicate pieces for a more conservative client to bolder pieces for the person who wants to stand out. People who buy my jewellery like that it’s unique, keepsake and NZ made.
  7. Your most popular pieces right now?
    Our new Riverstone collection has been really popular. It’s minimal in style and versatile to wear.
  8. Your most popular piece ever?
    Hands down our classic silver and gold Pearl Cap Necklaces, customers also love our LuLu pearl studs.
  9. What’s else is in store for 2021?
    We are working on selections of one-off rings at the moment. Each will be unique using an array of techniques, stones and metals. We will be launching these on our social media, so they will be first in first served.
    The designs will make great options for a less traditional commitment ring, in an accessible price range. So stay tuned!
  10. Anything else you would like Uniquely Nelson readers to know?
    I love sending my small creations out into the world. It’s really satisfying to see my work displayed in a shop cabinet or being worn by a happy customer. It makes all the hard work worth it.


Louise Douglas Jewellery is an unique nature inspired jewellery shop. Jewelleries are handmade in her studio and retail boutique located at 191 Hardy Street, Nelson, New Zealand.


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