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Festoon Lights: Love Your Lights

Myth buster: You don’t need a range of tools and complicated accessories to hang your lights. Rafters can be your best friend when hanging festoons! They instantly decide your hanging points and take away the stress 💫💡

Fancy leaving your display up all year round? Then you need our commercial-quality festoons. Not only are they made to last and withstand all weather conditions, their contemporary design makes them an unmissable choice!

Festoon Lights
Our festoon lights are the on-trend style. Like all our outdoor lights, our festoon lighting is designed for all-weather and available in longer lengths too. Why not team festoon lights with fairy lights & swag them overhead for a perfect light canopy!
Commercial grade quality, you can leave them outside all year.
G40 Bulbs – Round Shape and measure 30*75mm
G45 Bulbs – Round Shape and measure 45*75mm
S14 Bulbs – Oval Shape and measure 45*84mm
Which Festoon Type for Me?
Visit the range here.  Festoon Lights

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