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Festoon Lights: Love Your Lights

Myth buster: You don’t need a range of tools and complicated accessories to hang your lights. Rafters can be your best friend when hanging festoons! They instantly decide your hanging points and take away the stress ??

Fancy leaving your display up all year round? Then you need our commercial-quality festoons. Not only are they made to last and withstand all weather conditions, their contemporary design makes them an unmissable choice!

Festoon Lights
Our festoon lights are the on-trend style. Like all our outdoor lights, our festoon lighting is designed for all-weather and available in longer lengths too. Why not team festoon lights with fairy lights & swag them overhead for a perfect light canopy!
Commercial grade quality, you can leave them outside all year.
G40 Bulbs – Round Shape and measure 30*75mm
G45 Bulbs – Round Shape and measure 45*75mm
S14 Bulbs – Oval Shape and measure 45*84mm
Which Festoon Type for Me?
Visit the range here.  Festoon Lights

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