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New Shampoo – Yes I Do ! Global Soap

New Shampoo – Yes I Do !

Introducing our new luxurious soap free, gentle cleansing shampoo bars that will leave your hair soft and silky. These shampoo bars foam beautifully, are biodegradable and work well even in areas of hard water. Transitioning to solid bars is seamless with these little beauties.
Choose between the cool and crisp notes of peppermint and spearmint of ‘Mint to Be’ which is wonderfully refreshing and uplifting or the zesty scents of ‘Juicy Lucy’ to add zeal and zip to your hair washing ritual.

The excellent lathering properties of these bars means a little foam goes a long way (too much lather can be the issue with these – a good problem to have!) The two hero ingredients generating these wonderful ‘bubbles’ are Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI) and Coco Glucoside. Don’t be afraid of these names – there is no correlation between an ingredient that is hard to pronounce and its safety. SCI is a very mild surfactant derived from the coconut fatty acids and is fully biodegradable. SCI is such a lovely ingredient – gentle enough to use in products for babies and even eye makeup removers. Coco Glucoside is also natural and derived from coconut oil and fruit sugars. It’s also completely biodegradable and acts as an emulsifier, foaming agent and conditioner. It helps conditions your hair while you clean it. Perfect!

Global Soap’s new shampoo bars are also enriched with Provitamin B5 to keep your hair hydrated and Coco-Caprylate (a natural alternative to Silicone) coats and seals in moisture for smooth, shiny and tangle free hair.

A touch of Citric Acid has been added to help soften the water, especially in areas of hard water. It works by reacting with the mineral ions in the water, effectively rendering them inactive.

Added to the mix is Cocoa Butter in just the right amount. Cocoa Butter has excellent conditioning properties leaving you hair soft and shiny without it feeling heavy and greasy.
These shampoo bars are super concentrated, are equivalent to three bottle of liquid shampoo and perfect for normal to dry hair.

Pro Tip – keeping your bar dry between usage is very important. Allow bar to drain and air dry between uses.

New Shampoo Giveaway

For all online orders over $40, you will receive a chunky sample of these new shampoo bars – a full bar cut in half. That’s is a whopping 55g* giveaway! Just type in’ Mint’ or ‘Juicy’ in the notes field when placing an order. Offer valid until August 31.

*Please note our bars will be hand cut in half so there will be some minimal variation in sample weight and will come without its boxed packaging so please excuse the rustic look!

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