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Covid Lockdown Pizza project provided us with an EXTRAVAGANZA of home pizza: Salvito’s Pizza Bar

Wow!! Our Covid Lockdown Pizza project provided us with an EXTRAVAGANZA of home pizza over the past few days and thank you for the wonderful comments, questions, and photos which have all helped pass this unusual Lockdown time. Along the way we have seen a raft of talents appear and some outstanding home pizza work on display.
Like a Phoenix rising, Libby Cuccurullo burst though and introduced ‘Bun in the Oven with Olive Oil & Lillies’, and Eva McComb gave us the inspiring ‘Dough balls with Checked Tea Towel’… undoubtedly two pieces of outstanding contemporary art. Just Spectacular.

The best mozzarella stretch of all time came from Clare Monti, who also shared the perfect juxtaposition of dough blobs (balls) and her perfect tomato pizza sauce…. Great job Clare.
Dave Lauer hands down showed what relaxing in lockdown looks like in Cable Bay as he introduced us to his best pair of Lockdown shorts….(err… funny goofy faced emoji inserted here..) Thankfully Karen Lauer was keeping a watchful eye on things and monitoring progress and made up some perfectly rounded dough balls.

Congratulations to Silvia Gassebner for reminding us of the Northern Europeans style and grace with her Prosciutto, Shaved Parmesan and Rocket pizza. It looked YUM.
Honourable mentions also go to Lisa Molnar, Louise Crick for their outstanding pizzas, and to Nelson McComb for finally shattering the age-old myth of the centuries, and confirming, once and for all that Pineapple Does Go On Pizza.

But the Grand Poobah Prize goes to Christchurch based Helena Ruffell for her Canterbury Uni ‘Perfect Three-Piece Pizza’ selection (our opening photo). Just Perfect.
Awesome project guys and well done. Thanks for the fun. Salvito’s Pizza Bar open from this Wednesday evening in level 3 contactless pick up (or home delivery). Ciao!

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