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What is Cashmere Ellipse Eyelashes?: Lash Lounge Nelson

Cashmere Ellipse lashes also known as Flat or Cashmere lashes is a revolutionary lash product designed to meet the ultimate challenge of eyelash extensions – to be long, lush, and full without the heaviness.
Cashmere Ellipse lashes have transformed the way the extensions bond with the natural lash due to its shape. Instead of having a round, circle base like traditional lashes, ellipse lashes have a flatter, oval base which creates a greater bond between the eyelash extension and the natural lash.
Because of this revolutionary shape, Cashmere Ellipse lashes weigh up to 50% less when compared to traditional Silk or Faux Mink lashes. This enables us to achieve bolder, fuller, longer lashes, without having to sacrifice lash integrity.

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