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Lockdown has been a rollercoaster for us this time: Sweet Not Sugar

I am super pleased we are at Level 2! Lockdown has been a rollercoaster for us this time. My precious mum passed away on Saturday and we will be having her funeral on Wednesday. So we will not be opening this week until Saturday the 11th. Delivery for everyone who has ordered will be happening tomorrow before we leave. We have 4 regular treat boxes left and 4 dairy free treat boxes email if you would like one or anything else ❤

A little reminder……you can order all our baking mixes and delicious No -oater porridge and No -grainer breakfast granola on our website now. Shipping nationwide and we have afterpay!

All orders will be delivered on Tuesday instead of Wednesday this week. Please have your chiller bin/bag out, as this not only keeps your treats cool, it helps me identify I’m at the right house! We have sold out of regular treat boxes, but have some dairy free still ones available and plenty of quiche -salmon and cream cheese or ham, pesto and feta. Also chicken and bbq frittata.
Everything else on the lists are still available. Email through your order to by 5pm tonight (Monday)

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