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September Gardening Tips: Tim’s Garden

September Gardening Tips ?
When you buy seedlings from a shop/nursery it can be a good idea to leave them outside during the day to help them harden up before planting (weathering them in). Because a lot of these seedlings have been grown in greenhouses or under lights, they can sometimes die if planted immediately. Just be sure to put them somewhere out of the weather overnight to protect them from the cold/frost (indoors or in a greenhouse)


Plant seedlings and direct sow brassicas in your hothouse and outside. Pictured: Chinese cabbage (on left), romanesco, cabbage and purple broccoli (on right). Now is also the best time to plant your spuds – you may be able to get some ready for the holiday season.
Direct sow carrots and other root vegetables. Pictured: These parsnips have self-seeded from last year’s bolted heads that were scattered on the ground and covered with mulch – a great example of permaculture in action!
To protect stone fruit against leaf curl: Spray with oregano steeped water, a solution of apple cider vinegar (1/3 cup to 5L ratio/1 tablespoon per litre) or copper. Pictured: Dwarf peach starting to bud.
Weed garden beds (yourself or if you’re lucky to have chickens, let them do it!). Spread compost in your veggie beds, feed soil with any leftover liquid fertilisers from last year (banana peel tee, comfrey leaf tee, seaweed) and cover with cardboard (an alternative for weed matting) and mulch. Pictured: Weed and mulch around garlic – they don’t like root competition.

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