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Observations 10am: inner city living at its finest in Nelson – Bryce Wastney

Observations 10am
As the town wakes up to a sunny Saturday morning, a mum rides past the cafe with two kids on the back of her purpose built bike.

A homeless man with no helmet rides a rusty river bike past me and looks at his watch. I wondered where he needs to be at 10am?

A man walks past with a parrot on his shoulder, while a table of regular silver heads banter and laugh at the owner as he sho’s away hungry seagulls.

As the sun warms my arm, and the coffee soaks in, I notice there’s a grumpy lady sitting on her own. Her coffee hasn’t been delivered in a timely manner. Im drinking mine and I ordered a few minutes after her. I no longer need to wonder why she’s on her own. Attitude is a choice.

I send a couple of quick messages to a few friends I haven’t chatted to in a while and my messenger lights up. Now there’s three conversations on the roll and I start to stagger my replies as the messages get longer. It’s just not the same as face to face, but it’s nice to just say hi.

It’s 10:30 and all of a sudden people appear. Like the start of a shift or a movie set when extras need to appear. People talking and colluding. The table next to me just became owners of a jack Russell. The struggle becomes real as it but someone on the nose. I smile.

I see on the news app there was a shooting in Auckland. I’m happy I’m not up there anymore. There’s plenty of Inner city pressure up there at the moment.

Speaking of which. My inner city pressure clicks in. Do I order another coffee? Decisions. The stress of it all. I begin to panic.. not really.

I zoom back into the moment. The parrot is talking loudly now and kids taking pics on their mum’s new iPhone and I remember there’s a few painting jobs to do that won’t get done if I’m sitting here all day.

Might wander past the music shop and say hello to the guys in there. But hang on, I’ll probably end up buying another guitar. No! Bryce one thing at a time.

This is my community, this is inner city living at its finest in Nelson.


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