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Mobilise Demobilise: Refinery ArtSpace

Repose invites local and international artists to cross geographic boundaries and timezones to connect and create together.
Repose in the Refinery ArtSpace window offers visitors an exploration into how digital media is employed to co-create stories online via UpStage, a virtual performance venue that connects artists and audiences in real time, online storytelling.

Repose is part of the international research project Mobilise – Demobilise, inviting you to engage in workshops and performances happening in Whakatū Nelson, Munich (Germany), Graz (Austria) and Malmo (Sweden).

Over the weekend of 15-17 October, audiences around the world can join online performances exploring the theme “mobilise/demobilise”.

Mobilise/Demobilise began as an artistic response to a world of increasing conflict, crisis and emergency, before Covid19 lockdowns and travel restrictions forced us to live more and more of our lives online. Now, issues of human mobility and the impact of mobile technologies have become even more urgent. The unsustainability and inequality of the old “normal” can no longer be ignored, and we must imagine a new way forward. Mobilise/Demobilise brings a critical and artistic perspective to the current crises.

Over the past year, artists in Germany, Austria, Sweden and Aotearoa New Zealand have researched the theme and learned to use the online platform UpStage for presenting live online events. Different thematic threads have emerged in each locations. In Austria, the artists’ platform Schaumbad Freies Atelierhaus Graz have asked the public what kind of a city they want, and how might the city look without cars. In Malmo, Sweden, Teater InterAkt is working with young skaters to understand their perspective on issues of mobility and the environment. And in Whakatū (Nelson, NZ) the historic shifting of the tideway is used as a metaphor for the relationship between human expansion and the natural environment.

Connecting and underscoring the performances are the universal concepts of loss and grief associated with climate change and societal upheaval that the world is experiencing. Audiences in Europe and globally will be invited to reflect on and discuss the theme and concepts at the weekend’s opening and closing events.
The performances launch the newly “mobilised” version of UpStage, which now functions on mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop computers and incorporates many new features. Audiences click on a link and UpStage opens in a web browser; they can interact in real time via text chat and reaction emojis.

Mobilise/Demobilise is a Creative Europe funded collaboration between Teater Interakt (Sweden), Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus Graz (Austria) and UpStage@CCT (the Centre for the Cultivation of Technology, Germany).

Time converters and live links to the stage will be available at

Participating Artists: Katharina Aschauer, Manel Ruiz Blas, cym, Parnian Faizi, Alexandra Gschiel, Eva-Maria Gugg, Doris Jauk-Hinz, Anita Hofer, Rebecca Hofer, Helen Varley Jamieson, Sara Larsdotter Hallquist, Jesper Miikman, Cecilia Nkolina, Keyvan Paydar, John Paul Pochin, Lyn Russell, Sally Shaw, Vicki Smith, Eva Ursprung, Faye Wulff and Karl Wulff.
UpStage is an online platform for cyberformance (networked performance) and an international community of artists. The platform was first developed in Aotearoa New Zealand in 2003 and since then has hosted many online festivals, performances and events.
Teater Interakt is a community theatre company based in Malmö, Sweden, that works intensively together with people with experience of migration, mainly in the asylum-process, creating performances communicating alternative narratives of migration and Swedish identity.
Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus Graz is a multi-disciplinary artists’ platform in Graz, Austria that provides studios for about 30 artists, and organises exhibitions, events and intercultural exchanges.
The Center for the Cultivation of Technology acts as a host organisation for international free software projects,

providing organisational infrastructure.

This beautiful exhibition is in place until 9 October of new works by Allison Tuckwell. For those that can’t make it into the gallery in keeping with the current Covid levels this exhibition is also accessible online via the Refinery ArtSpace What’s On page at

NO EXIT. An Artist Talk by Maggy J.
Join us this Saturday at 1pm for a talk by established contemporary artist Margaret Johnston. Maggy will share her art practice, which is environmentally and feminist based where “I endeavour to highlight environmental issues that we are in the position to make changes and help improve the health of the planet. My work also addresses gender equality issues and the position of women in art, and in the world.
‘Womanly’ skills of weaving, crochet and knitting are employed in order to move them from the realm of craft, into the white cube space of Fine Art.

We are optimistically planning for a celebration for the openings and closings of our wonderful group of exhibitors. However Covid levels may again shift the sands on that so we’ll keep you keep posted through our social media channels

Ano me He Wharepuungawerewere is a Maori proverb that likens a beautifully carved or weaved house (Wharenui), to that of a beautifully and intricately weaved spider’s web. This whakatauki can also be used to express or denote the ideas of a house full of spider webs, collecting dust etc.
Ano me He Wharepuungawerewere began as a woven sculptural object for Changing Threads 2021, inspired by the waiata Te Moemoea o Whakatū by Hone Nuku, by contemporary artist Samara Davis and has evolved into her first solo exhibition of intrinsically made objects exploring the marae and the whāriki (woven mat) as places for connection, understanding, Turangawaewae and the sharing of knowledge. You are invited to an artist talk Tuesday 12th October 1pm and Saturday 23rd October 1pm and you are invited for community engagement in an ongoing work every Tuesday and during the exhibition

We proudly present new works by Stan Bowski, Richard Sellars and Kathleen Bartha.
in another happy RE:imagine for Refinery ArtSpace. Delta 2.0.


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