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October Composting Workshop On 16 Oct: Tim’s Garden

Spread the word – We have another composting workshop coming up!
We had to cancel our September workshop due to covid restrictions but are looking forward to hosting our October workshop in level two (or hopefully level 1) conditions ? Spaces are limited so get your FREE ticket from our website today – sponsored by @nelsoncitycouncil.
?️ When: Saturday 16 October, 3-4 pm
? Where: Tim’s Garden, 1/26 Gloucester St
? Price: FREE sponsored by Nelson City Council
?️ Tickets:
We hope to see you there!


Time & Location
16 Oct, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Tim’s Garden, 1/26 Gloucester Street, Nelson
About the Event
Having issues with your compost at home? Want to learn how to build soil in your garden and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill? Then come along to this workshop and learn how to get the most from your compost bin.

We will have examples of composting techniques, explain some common errors, and give tips on what you can do with your compost around the garden. A fun hour of tips and techniques along with troubleshooting and Q&A’s.

FREE ENTRY* – Sponsored by Nelson City Council
* You must book a space in advance (Workshop limited to 30 participants)
* Please notify ( 48 hours in advance if you are unable to attend the workshop. This will give an opportunity for others to participate.

 Lockdown Seedling Planting ?
From Sorie: We were able to get our seedlings going just before lockdown! There is so much reward in growing from seeds. I used Setha’s Heritage Seeds (from the shop), repurposed seedling trays from last year and filled them with Organic Seed Mix (also from our shop). My best helper is my daughter, she notices the beautiful things in life… like the different shapes and sizes in seeds!
It’s also my daughter’s duty to water our seeds every day and cover them at night with a towel to keep them cosy. We don’t have a greenhouse, so we built a small wooden box with some repurposed styrofoam and keep them next to a sunny window in the house. Because it’s not covered with plastic we spray them 6 times a day as water evaporates quick (we had plenty of time for this in lockdown!).
We also made a note of the day we planted them to see which ones made a debut first… it’s so much fun to watch!
Pictured seedlings: Lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and flowers. ?


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