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Sublime Coffee – marry the girl next door… the rest is history!

So, it’s another local success story. Sublime coffee. It’s an extraordinary tale of luck and hard work.

Hands up who had driven past the shop on Haven Road and thought “I really need a coffee right now?”

Sublime Coffee. It’s a household name in Nelson, but how did it become so?

This week we spoke to Dan and Emma who are the co-owners.

“It was a concept we discussed and started in 2005. The focus being coffee bean roasting. I lived in the old weatherboard house on Haven Road, and it was the starting point of our coffee bean roasting business. We purchased a small coffee machine for the purpose of showing our clients how our coffee tasted, and it became a thing…I met Emma and the rest is history. We have a family and a thriving coffee business that keeps growing!” says Dan.

“We found that most traditional coffee flavours were erring on the side of bitterness, so we came up with the Custom Deluxe blend. It has become really popular, it’s fruity, nutty and with a hint of sweetness. The locals love it! The name was inspired by the trim level of old Chevy trucks.”

“We have a team of 45 staff that we love working with. We try to make sure we all enjoy our workday together.”

“Our cups are compostable – they are made from materials produced from renewable sources such as vegetable fats and oils, corn starch, straw and wood chips. The ink used in the artwork is also soy-based, so it’s non-toxic.”

“For over 18 months we trialed ways to successfully compost the cups and lids accumulated from coffee bars. Finally, we found a proven method of composting and a robust system to successfully divert all compostable cups and lids which have been returned to our coffee bars. The compost in Nelson is sold through Greenwaste to Zero and in Palmerston North, it is distributed over the community gardens. At last count, we are diverting approximately 5,000 cups and lids from landfills each month! Yahoo!”

Dan and Emma have 3 pets and 4 kids. Dan’s parents were involved in the movie industry doing set design and Dan was working in the effects dept before starting Sublime. Dan is a local born in Nelson and Emma was raised in the Manawatu region.

They never set out to make cups of coffee. They aimed to roast great beans and sell to coffee cafes. However, word got out there, via a great location, and it seems everybody wanted to order a Sublime coffee.

“Our regular clients come from such a wide range of people. From tradies to pensioners, to dog lovers, and more,” says Emma.

“We made a new coffee roaster machine alongside with the help of our long-term local employee Mike, who has now been with us for 13 years. Since then, we have outgrown our coffee capacity and are on our 4th roasting plant. After working 10 – 12 hours a day to keep up with demand we have had to build and modify our roasters.”

“We love that our staff enjoy working with Sublime. It’s really important. We still get a buzz when locals come in for a coffee and we can banter with them and send them on their way knowing they have a great experience and coffee to enhance their day.”

If you would like to know more visit their website and like their social media pages.


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