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Cheap doesn’t always mean cheerful: PACK & SEND New Zealand

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“I paid more than the competitors to have a mirror transported from Christchurch to Auckland – a purchase from Trade Me packed and delivered by Pack & Send Riccarton. I am glad I did – the mirror arrived in perfect condition and was so well wrapped it took me 30 minutes to unwrap it – I absolutely recommend Blain and his team at Riccarton Pack & Send to act as Guardians of precious items being transported – it was worth the extra and I relied on their excellent reviews to make my decision – paid off”.
Anna M
This type of consignment perfectly ‘reflects’ why you need to keep Pack & Send top of mind when it comes to fragile freight. While it’s tempting to use the cheapest service you really need to use the best, and the correct one, with shipments such as this to avoid an unhappy ending!

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