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Labour Weekend Gardening Tips: Tim’s Garden

We hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend and have been able to get out in your garden. ?
Using flowers in your vege garden is a great way to bring in beneficial insects that will help protect against pests. Here are some examples from our garden – Tim & Sophie (some have blossomed, some are still on their way):
1. Aquilegia (Grannies’ Bonnet)
2. Mānuka
3. Blackcurrant
4. German Chamomile & Marjoram
5. Nasturtium
6. Comfrey
7. Apple Blossom
8. Broad Bean Flowers
9. Iris
10. Lavender, Anemone, Daffodils (finished flowering) & Cornflowers
We have also planted Echinacea, Lilies, Calendula and we’ve just sown Sunflower seeds too.
As well as improving your garden’s ecosystem, planting flowers will add beautiful splashes of colour amongst your edibles.

Gardening Tips ?‍?
Traditionally Labour Weekend marks the perfect time to plant your seedlings in the garden as the danger of hard frost has passed. Our Head Gardener Roman suggests focusing first on fruiting vegetables (e.g. tomatoes and capsicum) and cucurbits (e.g such as cucumber, zucchini and pumpkin). These varieties thrive in warmer conditions and longer sunshine hours so now is the perfect time to get them in the ground.
Some other tips include:
❗Prepare your soil before you start – Weed thoroughly, loosen the soil, mix through your compost and add mulch.
? When it comes to spacing, less is more – Ensure you have sufficient space between seedlings to prevent disease and allow room for your crop to grow.
? Ideally, your Christmas potatoes should already be in. However, it’s not too late to get them in now.
? Ensure you stake your tomatoes as you are planting them so you don’t damage the roots.
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