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Dii Moffattt’s New Forms : Refinery ArtSpace

We are pleased to invite you to our first opening in a while, albeit a pared back version with masks and social distancing. Tuesday 9th November all welcome.

We are delighted to be presenting New Forms, new works by Dii Moffatt
Cloud of Unknowing L. L Dimitrievska –

This project deals with (my) perception of existence and that which is accepted as ‘real’. It is an observation on what we take to be true in relation to the existence of others and how we may act on this in altruistic ways without personal experience of the actuality of these others.
It touches on Descartes’ ideas around the body and mind as separate and, put in extension, my presumption of these traits in others as well as my questions around whether or not we can connect in a purely mindly manner. It looks at the ‘weight’ of individual existence in relation to the subjective self and examines our inter-connectivity on a historical and global scale.
It is, ultimately, a celebration of being human.
The indivisible soul, a metaphysical potential utilizing physical signs and signifiers to point towards itself, makes itself known and comes to recognize others of its ilk. Consciousness, transcending the limitations of a material world to connect in this existence of turmoil.
(L. Dimitrievska, 2020)

We are also delighted to have extended this fabulous show, on until the 4th December, look out for a closing celebration..

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