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Nelson Farmers Market eNewsletter – 8 November 2021

In case you have missed the news we have relocated and are now trading from 23 Halifax Street next to the Elma Turner Library. Thus far we have had one week at this location and it is proving a good site for us. It gives us more room for our new stalls stalls is in a busy area of town.
We timed our move well as our seasonal stalls are starting to return to the Market and in the last few days there has been a noticeable increase in temperature, which holds the promise of future summer produce. Cherry season is very near and it is wonderful to have strawberries back at the Market. We have a great range of artisan food and ready-to-eat food for a tasty market lunch. Please read on to meet our new stallholders and see who has returned.
We are open every WEDNESDAY at 23 Halifax Street from 8am to 1.30pm.

Welcome Back to Koefaga Vanilla
From Wednesday 10 November, Patricia from Koefaga Vanilla will be back at the Nelson Farmers Market with her delictable range of vanilla extract, paste and pods.
Patricia Hunter has an idyllic lifestyle that many of us only dream of. For 8 months of the year, Patricia and her partner, Jim live on Niue Island. She grows vanilla and also buys cured pods in from local organic farmers, and runs a small holiday home business. Patricia and her partner return to New Zealand during November for their annual break, and to catch up with family and friends. She brings vanilla pods with her and these are then processed into extract and paste.
Patricia looks forward to attending the Nelson Farmers Market. She enjoys the company of friendly enthusiastic stallholders and being part of a local food to local people group. She particularly enjoys being able to talk with her customers and to have so many repeat sales, and compliments such as “The best vanilla I have ever used”. That’s special and very satisfying!

Welcome to What? Gnocchi
Enrico from What? Gnocchi comes from Treviso in Italy, known for for Prosecco wine, radicchio and Tiramisù. With What?Gnocchi! he brings to you some Italian cooking traditions and cultures. Enrico really enjoys cooking and making you happy with delicious and handcrafted food! What Gnocchi has different types of gnocchi such as traditional or beetroot and then a range of sauces. He has a range of meal optiona avaialable:
1) Buy ready to eat at the Market
2) Takeaway ready to eat
3) Take home frozen for later.

Welcomd to Baba Yaga’s Coffee and Food
We are very pleased to have our very own coffee cart at the Nelson Farmers Market. Kaya from Baba Yaga makes a fantastic coffee as well as a range of sweet treats and muffins to go with it. Come lunchtime she has some mighty tasty buns and savoury dishes available. Please bring you own coffee cup and check it out.

Welcome Back to Spring Grove Strawberries and Viavio Cheese
WELCOME BACK to Viavio Cheese and Spring Grove Strawberries who started on the firt day at our new site. Viavio Cheese are known for their multi-award winning fresh Italian cheese and Spring Grove are known for their big, sweet, juicy strawberries.

Welcome to Good Harvest Market Garden
Goran and Rose are an energetic duo who grow amazing vegetables. In the short space of just a few months they have taken a run down property and transformed it into a food paradise. Each week they front up at the Nelson Farmers Market with a growing range of vegetables which currently includes beets, turnips, zucchini, cucumbers and microgreens. Moving forward they will have a plethora of summer vegetables and fruit. They are dedicated to growing healthy food, working with nature to understand the soil food web and how to grow the healthiest plants possible. They don’t believe in using chemical fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides.

Good Harvest have been coming to the Nelson Farmers Market for several weeks now, and each one has been a sell out. Be sure to swing by their stall and see what’s on offer this week.

Veda Organics Returning Soon
Veda Organics will be returning to the Nelson Farmers Market later in Novemeber or early December. We have certainly missed them so are very happy about their return. In the meantime you can buy some of their organic strawberries from Good Harvest.

Check out this promotion video
We are incredibly fortunate to have Tracy Allan Creative make this promotional video for the Market. Tracy came down…

Credit: Tracy Allan

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